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Transport Designs is a industry leading manufacturer of completely custom motorhomes, "Toterhomes," and enclosed trailers.

Every single one of our vehicles is designed with a clean slate according to our customers' specifications, meaning that you don't have to choose from a set of pre-designed floor plans, you don't have a fixed list of options, and you don't have to put up with one of those "pre-fab" outfits who outsource nearly everything to someone else. With Transport Designs, you'll get exactly what you want, without anything you don't.

Custom Motorhomes

Our premium motorhomes are the standard of luxury by which the rest of the industry is measured. By using only the higest quality materials and the finest workmanship, we are able to create a completely custom product that is superior to our competition in every way.

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Garage Motorhomes

Our garage motorhomes are the perfect vehicles for those who want to travel in luxury while still allowing space for a built-in garage. Garage motorhomes have the option for storing up to 4 cars (with elevator) while still providing a significant amount of living space.

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Each Transport Designs' toterhome begins with a standard semi truck and is then completely customized and extended with up to 16 ft of living space to fit each client's needs. Once complete, the toterhome remains completely capable of towing large semi trailers with the fifth-wheel hitch.

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Enclosed Trailers

Our enclosed trailers provide our clients with everything from the ultimate in mobile living quarters to fully equipped garages capable of storing up to 10 cars (with a lift elevator). We can provide our custom enclosed trailers in either a gooseneck or fifth-wheel configuration.

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