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Transport Designs' enclosed trailers are, quite simply, the best of the best. Our entire process, from the initial structural design to the completion of construction, is handled by experts with over 100 years of combined industry experience! We use only top-end building materials and handle all aspects of the custom trailer in-house. It's our refined process and dedication to our customers and our product that keeps us on the bleeding edge of the industry.

Our trailers aren't just customized -- they are truly custom. While other manufacturers might give you a choice of a floorplan and a list of options that you must choose from, Transport Designs' designs every floorplan from scratch and offers an option list which is only a guideline, not a requirement. We can fit your trailer with everything from marble floors to carpathian elm burl cabinets, and that's just the beginning!

In the past, some of the vehicles we have designed have included SWAT training trailers, mobile aqua purifiers, mobile morgues, rolling bars with beer taps built into the side of the vehicle, and so many more. We often create specialized trailers for ultra-custom purposes for individual vendors, organizations, and other commercial or government entities.

Our trailers are broken down into the following three different pricing tiers:

Silver Eagle

Silver Eagle photo The Silver Eagle is our premium model, and its only similarity to the Prolite model is the floor structure. This model has an aluminum superstructure with an integral head and bottom rail exactly like a semi-trailer; it can be built as a tag along, fifth wheel gooseneck, or semi-trailer with GVWRs from 7000 - 80,000 lbs. The Silver Eagle is loaded with standard equipment that most manufacturers list as optional such as aluminum wheels, fully lined interior aluminum walls, ceiling liner, and an 8 ft. aluminum overhead cabinet. Pictures.


Prolite photo We have been manufacturing the Prolite since we opened our doors in 1988. This model is our heavy duty product with GVWRs from 7,000lbs - 26,000lbs. While its exterior shape is the same as the Xplorer XL, the superstructure is more rugged with cross-members spaced closer together, exterior sheet metal and roofing being thicker, and heavier frame rails (depending upon GVWR). Built as a tag-a-long, gooseneck, or mini-semi style, this model is for the customer requiring higher capacities than the Xplorer XL is capable of or who just wants the beefier construction. Pictures.

Xplorer / Xplorer XL

Xplorer XL photoThe Xplorer XL is our base line enclosed trailer. GVWR ranges from 7,000-10,000 lbs. While it may be our base line trailer, it is by no means constructed as an "econo-model". It carries a limited lifetime warranty as our other models. It is designed for the non-professional racer who wants top grade quality without the higher expense of our upper lines.

The Xplorer model is our low payload product offering. With Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR) of 3,000 - 5,000lbs (payloads of 1,500 - 3,500lbs), the Xplorer is ideal for the contractor not requiring lengths greater than 14 ft. and widths from 5 to 7 feet. Pictures